Sumar Classic Results

USAC SILVER CROWN FEATURE: (100 laps) 1. Kody Swanson 2. Tracy Hines 3. Jerry Coons Jr. 4. Bobby East 5. Zach Daum 6. Shane Cockrum 7. Dave Darland 8. A.J. Fike 9. John Hunt 10. Joe Liguori 11. Jacob Wilson 12. Patrick Lawson 13. Chris Windom 14. Aaron Pierce 15. Caleb Armstrong 16. Christopher Bell 17. Davey Ray 18. Dakota Jackson 19. Taylor Ferns 20. Jake Simmons 21. Jarett Andretti. NT 15 Lap UMP Modified Feature 1. 9 Ken Schrader 2. 10f AJ Fike 3. 36 Kenny Wallace 4. 36L Jamie Lomax 5. 9h Brad Barrow 6. 85 Kent Robinson 7. 2 Josh Ferguson 8. 10r Curt Rhoades 9. 92 Kenny Carmichael, Sr. 10. 14 Scott Martin 11. 35 Matt Smith 12. 92c Kenny Carmichael, Jr. 13. 71 Wayne Newlin 14. 4 Rob Starkey 15. 39 Kevin Gummere 16. B97 Arby Burton 17. 18 Greg Dillon 18. 11 Josh McDaniel

Attention Race Teams:

Please use the back gate at the fairgrounds to enter the pit area.


The legendary Terre Haute Action Track will be under solid care for multiple years with Illinois based race organizers Bob Sargent and the O’Connor Family, whose promotions have involved some of auto racing’s most storied venues in recent years. These two veteran promoters are once again teamed up to preserve the heritage and future of one of the sport’s most revered race tracks. The track will be under the promotional guidance of Bob Sargent and Reece O’Connor who have teamed together to create Terre Haute Motorsports. Many special events are planned and fans are encouraged to watch the media and coming websites for more information. The Wabash Valley Fair Association and Terre Haute Motorsports have entered into a multi-year agreement for the operation of the Terre Haute Action Track racing activities. “We are pleased to have Bob and Reece as the promoters for racing at the Wabash Valley Fairgrounds. The